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Rea & Parker Research is a survey and market research and economic consulting firm based in San Diego, California, with facilities in Los Angeles and Orange County. Rea & Parker Research has been a significant research firm in public transportation for many years.

It was founded by Louis M. Rea, Ph.D., and Richard A. Parker, Ph.D., in 1984 and has grown into a well-respected, financially stable, and substantial research organization with clients throughout the State of California and the Southwest who will attest to the firm's ability to deliver a quality product within the originally designated budget and in accordance with the contracted time schedule.

Dr. Parker is a professor in the School of Public Administration and Urban Studies at San Diego State University. Dr. Parker and Dr. Rea are co-authors of a highly successful book, Designing and Conducting Survey Research: A Comprehensive Guide, published by Jossey-Bass Publishers in 1992, with a second edition published in 1997, and a third edition scheduled for 2004.

Dr. Parker has extensive experience in public and urban affairs regarding the collection of primary demographic, attitudinal, and market-related data through survey research and focus group analysis. He has a significant history of success in deriving marketing data from ethnic minority groups. Further, Dr. Parker is highly regarded economic consultants, particularly in the areas of fiscal impact analysis, urban economic development, and site specific commercial, retail, and residential evaluation. Rea & Parker Research has conducted analyses for a significant list of clients, as detailed in the list of transportation and survey projects provided below.

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